Frequently Asked Questions

What does Group Buy SEO Tools means?

Group Buy Means you get Seo tools access on an affordable price as compared to original cost. Those accounts are for the medium users of SEO Tools. If you are a heavy usage person, please don’t buy group buy SEO tools.

Are these tools shared or dedicated accounts?

Yes, all are shared account, but very less user

Do you provide login details to the SEO tools? How do I get access to the tools..?

No, we do not provide the login details of any of the tools. We provide Firefox portable browser with auto login details. You just require to download Firefox portable and enter the LastPass details which we give to you once you buy.

How do I get support if I need any? What are your support details?

We give support on Skype, Email Support and Website Support If you have any query feel free to ask on our Support.

Are there any limitations in the SEO tools accounts?

No, they have no limitation on our side. All accounts have the plan and the plan limits shared with all users. All tools are shared Group Buy and mainly for the light users. For normal users, those accounts work perfectly well.

Do you have Guide or Video on how to use the Firefox Portable?

Yes, we give you video tutorial and complete guide, and if you face any problem we help you using Teamviewer or Skype Screen Share

Can I share SEO tools details with others?

NO, If you will resell or shared our tools with others, then our system catches your IP, and you’ll be banned immediately.

Is this SEO tools are available for MAC user?

No, Our Portable Browser works only on Windows PC. But we give Some tools for MAC users. Ask us for those SEO tools.

Do you Guaranty All tools work All the time?

No, we don’t give guaranty that all SEO tools will work all the time. All tools are shared account, and if any user will do something wrong, then the account may get blocked, and we will take a short time to solve the issue.

Do We Give Refund Money?

Yes, This option available Only first day in your purchase, If tools will not work, But customer satisfaction is vital to us.SO you will get full support.